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We Offer Services like Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing for various online companies, we also conduct Ethical Hacking Workshops, Seminars and Online Self learning Courses with E-Lab Access


Self Learning Education

In this course, we'll provide you video classes and we give access to our Elearning Portal which has more than 50 hacking tasks to hone your ethical hacking skills from beginner to Expert.

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Ethical Hacking Course

In this course we'll teach college students about offending and defending methodologies in Ethical Hacking. This would be a great course, if you have a team to learn. Hands on Practicals and Flag Capturing tasks will be there.

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E-Learning Lab Portal

If you want to practise your ethical hacking skills like sql injection, csrf, xss, bruteforce, password cracking and defacing, you can use our e-lab portal to sharpen your skills.

Over 50 Tasks to complete

Contains real time tasks and experience


Prashanth, MGR University

“ I got very good support from Joshua, I got adequate study material on daily basis. The chapters in this course are easy to understand. This 5days course is great for beginners to learn the basics of Ethical hacking like Wifi Hacking, Website Hacking, Defacing, Social Engineering attacks, Password Hacking etc. ”


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Easy Understanding Tamil Tutorial Videos

50+ Live Hacking Tasks to complete the course

Covers almost all the necessary topics for beginners

Expand Your Knowledge in different area of hacking

Once you complete the course you know to hack a webserver, wifi, Passwords etc

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